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July 31, 2016 11:52 AM PDT


May 28, 2016 10:25 PM PDT
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The Chill Room, 27 May 2016 at 930pm PDT on killradio.org

192k VBR, 163 minutes, a hole in the world

Lost in spake. The judge decreed it. The clerk he wrote it.

Set list: The Monkees-Birth of an Accidental Hipster (Good Times!) / John Lee Hooker-Endless Boogie< Parts 27 & 28 (Endless Boogie 1971) / Brian Eno-This (Another Day on Earth 2005) / Sinkhole-I'm Invisible (from private CD) / Nico-I Will Be Seven (6 June 1988, Berlin Planetarium, Nico's final performance) / Miles Davis-One and One (On the Corner 1972) / JD Emmanuel-Movement into Lightspeed / Big Blood-Gasper Gossip / Psychic TV-Separation and Undressing (Mouth of the Night) / Beequeen-A Beautiful Noise (Sugarbush) / Circle-Ala Kysy Vaan Ota (Finnish single) / William S Burroughs-Inflexible Authority (Call Me Burroughs) / Aaron Dillaway-Psychic Driving Tapes / Throbbing Gristle-Persuasion (Ricardo Montalban Theater, Hollywood 21 April 2009) / Led Zeppelin-Gallows Pole / Roger Miller-Dang Me / Bill Hicks-Relentless (excerpts) / New Order-5 8 6 (Peel Sessions 1982) / Davie Allen and the Arrows-The Losers Burial / Mick Ronson-White Light White Heat (Play Don't Worry 1975) / Cluster-Xenesra (Qua 2010) / DJ Female Convict Scorpion-Led Zeppelin (Clash Ups II) / Sun Ra-Extension Out (Pathways to Unknown Worlds) / Frances Raines-Your Thrilling Eyes (Grindhouse rehearsal tape 1985) / Oneness-Hard to Know You (Eccentric Soul: Sittin' in the Park) / Grateful Dead-Viola Lee Blues (2 Feb 1968 Crystal Ballroom Portland OR) / Phase IV-Last Minute and a Half of Film (Saul Bass, 1974)

With thanks to killradio, Radio Free Brooklyn, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Dawn Halloran, Michael Sheppard, Tim Lucas, wfmu.org. Commenting requested.

Some got six months, some got one solid.

Anxious and Smooth
May 18, 2016 08:07 PM PDT
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The Chill Room, 13 May 2016 at 930pm PDT on killradio.org

192k VBR, 2 hours, reach out and touch

Set list: Richard Foreman-A Real Story (City Archives 1978) / Miles Davis-Black Satin (On the Corner 1972) / Ann Margret-Let Me Entertain You / Richard Foreman-A Flying Radio / Lord Invader-New York Subway / Iannis Xenakis-Hibiki Hana Ma / Iggy Pop, Tarwater, Alva Noto-Out of the Rolling Ocean The Crowd (Leaves of Grass) / Penguin Cafe Orchestra-Telephone & Rubber Band / Thomas Newman-Root Beer / Agencement-Viosphere (excerpt) / Chris Marker, Trevor Duncan, James Kirk-La Jetée / Richard Foreman-a Perfect Instrument / Miles Davis-On the Corner_New York Girl_Thinkin' One Thing and Doin' Another_Votes for Miles (On the Corner 1972) / Davie Allen-Losers Lament / Invada All Stars featuring Anika-99 Red Balloons / Underworld-Thing in a Book / Richard Foreman-Capturing It Forever / Lana Del Rey-High By the Beach / Everything Is Everything-Witchi Tai To / Roy Harper-McGoohan's Blues (Folkjokeopus) / Led Zeppelin-Babe I'm Gonna Leave You / Richard Foreman-Drained of Energy / Glen Campbell-These Days

Thank you, killradio, podomatic, Radio Free Brooklyn, the Internet Archive, Soundcloud, wfmu.org. For Miles. Comments appreciated.

Now if I seem to be afraid to live the life I have made in song
Well it's just that I've been losing so long

When I Paint That Masterpiece
May 06, 2014 03:48 PM PDT
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The Chill Room, 3 May 2014, at 1230am PDT on killradio.org

160k VBR, 2 hours, Rolling Thunder unearthed

This program is now available only on the Internet Archive at https://archive.org/details/chillroom_masterpiece.

The Rolling Thunder tour resulted in two television specials, a circus-like musical tour, a four hour feature film, a new trial for Rubin Carter, and probably Bob Dylan's divorce. It's an incredibly rich period for music and compassion and pure ideas. Since the movie Renaldo & Clara is not available except in unauthorized form on youtube (sometimes), its music is now long overlooked, and it is full of gems. All I want to do is share some of the greatness of this radical devotion to the arts and eternity.

Audio materials used in construction of this program: 3 July 1975, tape at the Other End, NYC / 28 July-2 August 1975 basic studio recordings for Desire at Columbia Studios NYC (Hurricane re-recorded in October) / 10 September 1975, John Hammond tribute at WTTW-PBS, Chicago, aired 13 December 1975 / October-December, filming of Renaldo & Clara on Rolling Thunder tour, performances at the Other End and Gerde's Folk City in NYC, rehearsals at North Falmouth in Massachusetts and Niagara Falls in NY (where much of the non-concert music for the film was recorded) and Rolling Thunder shows filmed at Plymouth MA, Lowell MA, Providence RI, Springfield MA, Worcester MA, Cambridge MA, Boston MA, and Montreal, Quebec / 23 May 1976 at Colorado State University in Fort Collins (the Hard Rain tv special) / 1996 Noriaa Japanese bootleg CD of stereo film soundtrack

Voices heard include Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Allen Ginsberg, Sara Dylan, David Blue, Bob Neuwirth, Roger McGuinn. Dylan's backing band was called Guam and included Rob Stoner, bass, vocals and leader; Scarlet Rivera, violin; T Bone Burnett, guitar, piano; Howie Wyeth, drums; David Mansfield, dobro, mandolin and steel guitar; Mick Ronson, electric guitar; Steven Soles, guitar, vocals. Additional music by Gordon Lightfoot, Roger McGuinn and Joan Baez. Stage direction for Rolling Thunder Revue was by Jacques Levy. Howard Alk was Bob Dylan's adviser and assistant in making Renaldo & Clara.

Set list (contains dialogs as well as music): All musical performances by Bob Dylan unless otherwise noted. When I Paint My Masterpiece (with Bob Neuwirth) / Guitar seduction / Allen Ginsberg and children / Gordon Lightfoot-Ballad in Plain D / Abandoned Love / People Get Ready / Oh Sister / unidentified voices-Black Girl / David Blue on Blowin' in the Wind / Blowin' in the Wind (with Joan Baez) / One More Cup of Coffee / Kaw-Liga / Allen Ginsberg-Nurse's Song / Hurricane (first version, with Emmylou Harris) / What Will You Do When Jesus Comes? / Anne Waldman-Fast Speaking Woman / It Ain't Me Babe / I Want You / Allen Ginsberg-Kaddish / Joan Baez-Diamonds & Rust / She Belongs to Me (with Allen Ginsberg reciting Kaddish) / Golden Loom / Rita Mae / Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands / Roger McGuinn-Chestnut Mare / Never Let Me Go (with Joan Baez) / Allen Ginsberg-Kaddish and piano / If You See Her Say Hello / Patty's Gone to Laredo / Tangled Up in Blue / Sara / Idiot Wind / Hal Frazier-In the Morning of My Life

With thanks to the patience of acceptance of my live listeners. Thanks to Clinton Heylin, Sid Griffin, killradio.org, podomatic.com. Special thanks to Michael Sheppard. Presented for education and entertainment. I just want to turn people on to this great music.

Your pleasure knows no limits, your voice is like a meadowlark, but your heart is like an ocean, mysterious and dark.

Now It's Dark
March 08, 2016 10:55 AM PST
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The Chill Room, 4 March 2016 at 930pm PDT on killradio.org

192k VBR, 90 minutes, darkness, politics, humor, light

Now only available on the Internet Archive at https://archive.org/details/ChillroomNowItsDark.

The Chill Room, 4 March 2016 at 930pm PDT on killradio.org

More rare, inspiring and audacious audio, even a deep dive into the bowels of house, to make your night.

Set list: Sly and the Family Stone-Thank You (Soul Train 29 June 1974) / JFK-Dear Establishment (from the Sanders campaign) / Hector Guerra-Whadup / Nilsson-The Cuddly Toy Song / Roisin Murphy-Evil Eyes (Hairless Toys 2015) / Daniel Menche-Cave Canem Part 2 / DJ Sprinkles-Grand Central Part 1 / DJ Kicks-Tea Leaf Dancers (Flying Lotus) / Everly Bros-Lord of the Manor / The Fall-The Chiseler / The Fugs-The Divine Toe / Starship Troopers-Failure of Democracy / Chicks on Speed-Song for a Future Generation / Tremeloes-Here Comes My Baby / Bert Jansch & Martin Jenkins-Avocet / A Story I Never Tell / Mark Lanegan-Ode to Sad Disco

Thank you, Michael Purtill and Topher Butler. Special thanks to killradio, Radio Free Brooklyn, podomatic, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, the Internet Archive, and wfmu.org. Thanks to the live listeners. Presented for educating and entertaining. Commenting encouraged.

I get down on my knees, further from my own, under a cliff, darkness denied, here I have seen the light.

Ashes to Ashes
January 17, 2016 02:33 PM PST
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The Chill Room, 15 January 2016 at 930pm PDT on killradio.org

160k VBR, 3 hours, Bowie, Britain, eccentricity

This program now only available on the Internet Archive at https://archive.org/details/AshesToAshes1.

My angle is influences, in and out, on from and to David Bowie. A movement of lateral eccentricity. Not all Bowie but he is felt everywhere within. I was advised to leave this as I did it live Friday night what is shared is pure.

Set list: All performances by David Bowie unless otherwise noted. Pilate questions Jesus (David Bowie, Willem Dafoe from The Last Temptation of Christ, 1988) / God Help the Girl-Act of the Apostle / Roy Harper-Don't You Grieve / Fill Your Heart / Andy Warhol / Roy Harper-I Hate the White Man / Scott Walker-It's Raining Today (Scott 3) / God Help the Girl-Down and Dusky Blonde / Bowie v Daft Punk v MC Squared-Let's Lose Ourselves to Dance / Station to Station / I'm Deranged (Outside) / Schlammpeitziger-Wuup Wolgawahn / Belle & Sebastian-Dress Up in You / Heroes / Golden Years / Wild As the Wind / Ukelele Orchestra-Teenage Kicks / Queen with David Bowie-Under Pressure / Moonage Daydream / Remembering Marie (BAAL) / Larry Gus-Taking the Personal Away / God Help the Girl-Musician Please Take Heed / See Emily Play (Pinups) / Underworld-Mm Skyscraper I Love You / Fame / Donovan-There Is a Mountain / TVC15 / Mott the Hoople-All the Young Dudes / Ashes to Ashes / People Like Us-Break Me Break My Horse / Life on Mars / The Bewlay Brothers / Roy Harper-Another Day / Lazarus

Special thanks to Tim Lucas of Video Watchdog for his notes on Bowie. I was too emo to be very coherent so they helped quite a bit. The image is David with Bill 1973. With thanks to my live listening house, Duffy, Michael, Louise, Lance, everyone. Thanks to killradio, podomatic, the Internet Archive, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Mixcloud, and wfmu.org. For education and entertaining and inspiring too. Comments requested.

Bully for you, chilly for me.

The Beatles at the Star Club 1962
August 17, 2015 07:55 PM PDT
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The Chill Room, 14 August 2015 at 1030pm PDT on killradio.org

192k VBR, 37 minutes, brief but intense

This program now only available on the Internet Archive at https://archive.org/details/TheBeatlesAtTheStarClub1962_201601.

Call this a quick deep listen. This tape recording from a Hamburg bar is the only way to hear The Beatles without the sound of thousands of screaming fans while they do historic earth shaking rock (and even girl group pop) songs. You may think you know everything about their music, but then, you may be surprised.

Set list: All performances by The Beatles, last week of December 1962 at the Star Club in Hamburg Germany. Introduction / I Saw Her Standing There (#1), Red Hot, Kansas City/Hey Hey Hey Hey, I Saw Her Standing There (#2)->To Know Her Is to Love Her->Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby, Mr Moonlight, Ask Me Why, Twist and Shout

The photo is of The Beatles at the Star Club performing Mr Moonlight! With thanks to Mark Lewisohn and his book Tune In, and thanks to Sandra and Michael and my live listeners, and to killradio, the Internet Archive, podomatic and wfmu.org. This was one portion of a three hour program. For complete shows, join the private list, drop me an email to chillroom@gmail.com. Commenting encouraged.

My happiness still makes me cry.

Doin' That Rag
February 14, 2016 07:33 AM PST
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The Chill Room, 12 February 2016 at 1115pm PDT on killradio.org

256k VBR, 50 minutes, We Ate the Acid

This program now only available on the Internet Archive at https://archive.org/details/DoinThatRag.

A close listen with notes to the original mix of the apex of Grateful Dead studio experimentation, Aoxomoxoa. Basically, the remix done by Garcia and Lesh in 1971, which is the standard version available ever since, attempted to smooth out the recording and make it less defiantly weird. If you have never heard that original mix, here it is, sourced from 1969 vinyl and never before played on the Chill Room.

Set list: St Stephen / Dupree's Diamond Blues / Rosemary / Doin' That Rag / Mountains of the Moon / China Cat Sunflower / What's Become of the Baby? / Cosmic Charlie

The Grateful Dead: Jerry Garcia – guitar, lead vocals all songs; Bob Weir – guitar, vocals, co-lead vocals on "St. Stephen"; Phil Lesh – bass guitar, vocals; Tom Constanten – keyboards; Ron "Pigpen" McKernan – keyboards, percussion; Mickey Hart – drums, percussion; Bill Kreutzmann – drums, percussion. Songs by Jerry Garcia and Robert Hunter.

Comments expected. With thanks to Julian Cope Presents Head Heritage blogsite and the Aoxomoxoa Song Cycle site (http://artsites.ucsc.edu/GDead/agdl/aoxomoxo.html). Thanks to killradio, Radio Free Brooklyn, the Internet Archive. Thanks to my live listeners. Presented for education and entertainment and because it's so fucking cool.

Ladyfinger dipped in moonlight writing "what for?" across the morning sky.

Hook Up
November 09, 2015 04:53 PM PST
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The Chill Room, 6 November 2015 at 930pm PDT on killradio.org

192k VBR, 98 minutes, sex on a stick

This program is now only available on the Internet Archive at https://archive.org/details/HookUp.

I want you to be horny. I want you to have multiple orgasms. There are enough transitions here to go in any direction. Or you could simply look at erotic photographs while listening. Or watch things with the sound off. It's your body. Only you know the difference between agony and ecstasy.

Set list: Intro / James Brown-I Can't Stand It (7") / Janice Peshika & Absolute Controlled Clinical Maniacs-Nymph / Underworld-Cowgirl / DeFabriek & Weltschmerz-Interviews / Nurse With Wound-Thrill of Romance / Psyclones & Schlafengarten-Tenderloin / The Tape-Beatles-Grave Implications / Schlammpeitziger-Verkleinerte Vergroberung / Die Trip Computer Die-Fourth Flaw / Nite Jewel-Hounds of Love / Sara Goes Pop-Sexy Terrorist / Pleasure Girls-Dirty Words / Drea Smith-Army Dreamers / Michael Murphey-Wild Traktor Fire / Leonard Cohen-Diamonds in the Mine / Rufus Harley-Love Is Blue / Sigmund Und Sein Freund-Eat My Pussy / Vermilion Sands-Where Was He From / Die Trip Computer Die-Murdering the Old Ones / Man's Hate-Flash of Flesh / Red Rat-Inmix / Atlanta Rhythm Section-So Into Your Traktor / BGF-Untitled Sounds / Weltschmerz Pleasure Girls Kibbo Kift DeFrabriek-Kneel and Kiss_Saxsound / Led Zeppelin-That's the Way / The Doors-Light My Fire (Steptoe and Son Remix) / Outro

This program makes much use of the Homo Sexpiens Project from 1985, a cassette anthology of electronica mixed with sexual materials. Thanks to Unsound magazine for showing it to me at the right time. Thanks to live listeners, thanks to Daniel and Louise and Lance and Sandra and Jason and Sarah and Duffy and Chris and Topher and Daniel and to you too. Thanks to killradio, Radio Free Brooklyn, podomatic, the Internet Archive and wfmu.org. Presented for education and release. Comments have not been disabled.

When I was a child, running in the night, I was afraid of what might be hiding in the dark and hiding on the street, and of what was following me.

July 12, 2015 09:19 AM PDT
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The Chill Room, 10 July 2015 at 930pm PDT on killradio.org

160k VBR, 3 hours, the Chill Midnight Summer Beach Mix

This program is now only available on the Internet Archive at https://archive.org/details/Earwitness.

Long form late night disorientation. The goal is off balance storytelling, with no resolutions, no morals, no lessons, just the sheer movement of aesthetic pleasure. Please note, contains rough language, NSFW.

This program uses audio from the films Videodrome (David Cronenberg 1982), Flaming Creatures (Jack Smith 1962), and Blue Velvet (David Lynch 1986), but primarily features Toby Dammit (Federico Fellini 1968) with Terence Stamp and score by Nino Rota.

Set list (not including film excerpts): Howard Shore-Main Title (Ed Wood) / Beach Boys-Don't Worry Baby (isolated vocals) / Courtney Barnett-An Illustration of Loneliness / Velvet Underground-The Gift (music only) / Mr Dead & Mrs Free (audio extract) / Bill Hicks-Filling in the Hump (final recording of Hicks performance?) / Procol Harum-A Whiter Shade of Pale (7") / Janis Ian-Society's Child (45 at 33) / David Essex-Rock On (45 at 33) / Ray Charles-Ruby / Modern Lovers-Astral Plane / The Beatles-I Am the Walrus (slowed down 800%) / Matmos-Schwitt_Urs / Roy Orbison-In Dreams / Tuluum Shimmering-Over Seven Mountains Over Seven Plains (Soundcloud, released 11 May 2015) / Ultimate Spinach-Jazz Thing (uncut) / Nico-New York New York (from Mr Dead & Mrs Free, Squat Theater, 1982) / Nurse With Wound-You Walrus Hurt the One You Love (The Sylvie & Babs Hi-Fi Companion) / The Clovers-Rotten Cocksuckers Ball / Bela Bartok-Music for Strings Percussion and Celesta / Paul Butterfield Blues Band-East West / Nino Rota-Toby Dammit Reprise

This program inspired by Federico Fellini and Nino Rota. With thanks to Jack Smith, Stefan Brecht, Tom Brown, my live listeners, Michael Sheppard, killradio, podomatic, the Internet Archive, and wfmu.org. No rights reserved. Feedback welcome.

Your head is a desert and you're locked within, waiting for some magical symphony to begin.

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